Day Three. July 8

Class until 1pm. We were so tired and Pina could tell.
At lunch Christina and I ran home to get our passports, as we needed them to buy cellphones later in the afternoon. As we were missing lunch with the group we grabbed pizza for 1 euro across the street from the school. At around 2:30 our lesson of the history of Salerno began…in Italian…which meant: non abbiamo capito. Then, with our group, a tutor from the school, and a few other students, we went for a walk through the historical area of Salerno. 70% of the tour was in Italian, and the walk was exhausting, but I was able to make note of areas I want to revisit.

After the tour and a trip to the TIM store, home we went for some more of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and some much needed rest. As Angela runs her store until around 8pm, we don’t have dinner until almost 9pm, which is difficult when the group wants to meet up in the town at that time. BUT worth the wait!!

We had spaghetti with mussels and tomatoes, eggplant and sausage, salad, bread and cheese, and watermelon. I ate more than Christina and Diane..sooooo good!

Diane came with Christina and me to meet friends at The White Rabbit. Great mojitos at a Boston price with a Boston feel. No wonder I liked it. After a drink there we walked along Via Roma with the rest of the Salerno youth practicing our Italian with each other and with natives. It’s funny, but a couple of drinks actually made my Italian better! No inhibitions, right? ☺ It was a truly great night on the town. We’ve known each other for only three days but it feels like three weeks or even months. We’re having so much fun with each other and in Italy. Really lucked out with this group.

On the way home, with much difficulty and in dresses and skirts, Diane, Christina, and I picked an orange/grapefruit (?) from a tree on the side of the street. Diane giving me a boost up while Christina made sure I didn’t fall backwards and me reaching as high as I could to grab the lowest hanging fruit – all the while laughing and speaking a mix of broken English and Italian. We felt so accomplished and the fruit smelled so good but it was so sour! Still, hilarious, and great host sister bonding.