Day Nine. July 14

Went to a mozzarella factory!!

Sooooo much fun! Took a bus from the main station in Salerno about 30 minutes south to a small mozzarella factory in Paestum. Once there we were given hair caps and little booties before we could enter the area where they actually make the mozzarella. Mozzarella is made in four different sized balls with the following steps… as I understand them…:

The buffalo milk is stored in steel container, then heated. Then they add hot water and stir it all around for a bit. Next, the mixture is put into these neat wheels with holes in them that shape the mozzarella balls. The balls are put into cold water to cool then “pickled” in their own water. And there you have it. Mozzarella according to Nico. Let me know how they turn out ☺

The balls can sit in its own water and keep for about three days so long as you don’t put it in the refrigerator.

After a tour of the factory and with three mozzarella balls in my stomach, we walked twenty minutes down the road to the buffalo farm! We walked down the most beautiful, long, dirt driveway, surrounded by fields, trees, and mountains. Now, I’ve never been surrounded by so many flies (does not include those Nevisian mosquitoes), and I had to do a little dance/run at times to get away from them, but I still felt so at peace on that driveway.

I can’t come up with words to do it justice. Loved it.

At the end of the walk were buffalo!! Baby buffalo and boy buffalo and girl buffalo, clean buffalo, stinky buffalo, big buffalo and small buffalo. So many and so cute! Pet some of them and walked around the farm a bit. Afterwards some of us were able to see them being milked and actually milk them ourselves!

The guy leading us around squeezed some milk into one of our empty water bottles and a few of us had a taste. It was absolutely delicious! So fresh and warm. It’s always such a wonderful experience to drink and eat foods straight from the source just as God intended. Pictures to come shortly on flickr.