Day Sixteen. July 21

I always wanted to go to Pompei and I finally got my chance!

After class we made our way to the train station for a short ride to Pompei. The new city is beautiful and complete with a McDonald’s…yeah.

But the ruined, ancient city of Pompei was the only thing I was looking forward to that day. The weather was perfect: sunny but not too hot. Thankfully we had a tour guide to explain the buildings along the way and put everything into context, although I was a bit frustrated that the group was moving so fast. Didn’t have nearly as much time as I would have like to explore.

More frescos than one would expect are still visible in many of the buildings, and my goodness were they beautiful. I took as many pictures as I could!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the museum but were told that loaves of bread were preserved in the eruption.

Expectedly, the most solemn sight was the row of preserved bodies in the “Garden of Fugitives”. Men, woman, and small children cowering and covering their faces, just as they did in their last moments alive.

Visiting Pompei was unlike any other visit to ruins. Pompei isn’t as it is because of a plague that slowly killed her citizens, or because her people relocated, building a bigger and better city elsewhere. Pompei is one day literally frozen in time. Humbling. Live each day.