Day Twenty-five. July 30

On the bus from Salerno to Rome.

Wow, just got really sad and nostalgic.

The program is over, we’ve had our finals – one for culture class with Gina and one for our language class with Accademia Italiana (BTW in the second week I moved from the beginners class to the intermediate class). We’ve completed our ethnographies – Christina and I did ours on the phenomenon of cultural rather than religious Catholicism in Italy.

I bought my gifts (no mom I’m not telling you what they are and DON’T open that box until I get home!!).
I made friends.
I went to Pompei!!!
I took a bus, a car, a Vespa, and a boat along the Amalfi Coast.
I saw the tomb of St Matthew, one of the 12 Apostles. Incredible.
I fell in love with the views and un ragazzo fell in love with me.

I’m inspired to continue my efforts to be fluent in Italian, I now feel closer to this country my grandparents left almost 100 years ago, and I’m more motivated to return in some capacity.

Family is important, as is our past. I want my family to know all about their history in Italy and in Nevis. I love my family, and cannot wait to be reunited with each and every one of them. Tamika and Mom, thanks for reading and commenting! (and happy birthday!)

Friends: Thank you for all or your well wishes while I’ve been here! You can’t imagine how nice it was to log on to gmail or fb to read your messages ☺ A little piece of home.

BUT This is not the end!

We’re all on our way to Rome where we will stay until next Wednesday. I’ll revisit the Vatican, the Colosseum, and the Roman Forum. While there I need to finalize my plans to travel after the 3rd. Trying to get to Parma to see family. Might stop by Lake Como (one of my favorite places in Italy), or spend a few extra days in Rome.

After Italy, I want to get to Santorini, Greece (please keep your fingers crossed for this one!!!), and on the 15th I’m meeting my cousin Alexander in Morocco!!!! Hotel is already booked ☺ SO EXCITED. After one week in Marrakech, I’ll head back to London with him where I’ll spend the rest of my summer (however long that is). Maybe seeing Matt there or heading to Amsterdam for a few days.

Stay tuned for the next set of blog posts!

I feel good.
Going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the drive. The views are really taking my breath away. It may not be much, but it’s my roots. I have a huge appreciation for where I’ve come from. It pushes me forward.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’ve been lazy about finding a way to reduce their size and/or create a new flickr account. When I get them up I think you’ll all really love them.