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August 8, 2011

Yesterday I just walked around Oia (ee-ya) aimlessly taking photos – popping in and out of the identical knickknack shops. After a quick dinner I headed to the very western tip of the island with hundreds of like travelers to watch the much sought after sunset.

Like a hot, glowing orange being lowered by string behind the mountains and beneath the earth.

And then, this morning, like a gift, I rose at 6:20. Something pulling me out of bed, I opened my door to absolute silence. I grabbed my camera and without really knowing why, without even closing my door, I started to run to the castle ruins, the most popular spot to watch the sunset. I suppose I thought the lighting over the windmills would be pretty at that time.

I arrived, turned to face Santorini, and there it was, moments later. The sunrise. It was as though God pulled me there Himself and said, “Here, this is for you”, for I saw no one else.

I watched this daily miracle with open eyes, and an open heart, and whispered to myself how magnificent it was. How blessed I am to see this.

Sunsets? Sure. But this was truly gold.

I lingered for a while, then started to see figures cautiously making their way around white washed houses and up pebbled paths. These early risers, knocking me back to reality, drove me home where I crawled into bed and thanked God.


Spent the night and early morning fine dinning, drinking, and laughing with a group of locals and the owner of one of the more popular restaurants in Oia. They taught me about the energy of Santorini and treated me to a truly magical evening … I will remember that night forever.

Didn’t make it home until close to 4am. Sleep for one hour. Airport. Goodbye Santorini.