August 13, 2011

Barcelona is beautiful! I arrived on Wednesday and by chance ran into Stephanie (roommate from Boston) just as she was leaving the hostel she directed me towards. The hostel was less than manageable for a number of reasons, so, unfortunately, I had to use the parent card and ask for funds for a hotel as one was not in my budget. The low point in my travels so far.. Anyway, 2am and I was in a hotel.

Thursday: Went to the Picasso Museum!! Loved every minute of it. Picasso has always been one of my favorite artists so it was a treat to see so many of his works, all so diverse, in one house. Spent about 35 minutes in the gift shop (and I never go to gift shops) choosing small replicas for in my room back home.

Lunch, a tour of the Casa Batllo, rest at the hotel and back to the Casa Batllo with Stephanie for an evening of champagne and live jazz.

Friday: Gaudi’s Church of the Holy Family. So detailed. Gaudi began this project but was killed by a cable car (?) before it’s completion. Work still remains.
Walked around the neighborhood of Gracia on recommendation of a Spanish couple I met on the plane from Athens, where we had lunch at an organic café.

For our last night in Barcelona Stephanie and I decided to take the subway down to the waterfront for some food.

Hotel, pack and back to Madrid to await a 12:40pm flight on Sunday to Marrakech.

I needed more time in Barcelona and would love to go back…