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It’s my last morning on Koh Yao Noi, and watching the sunrise here for the final time I have mixed feelings about leaving. The last four days here were in many ways indescribable, and I won’t attempt to put those moments into words. I’ve meet some amazing people from all walks of life, and while I wanted to write, I couldn’t pull myself away from the wonderful moments and people I was experiencing.

The scenery on Yao Noi is classic Thailand. The limestone cliffs reaching out of the water, luscious palms, delicious food, and above all, the generosity and sincerity of the Thai people are all in abundance. Much of my free time was spent zipping around the island on my super sexy lime green motor bike down jungle trails to deserted, hidden beaches, and through rubber tree plantations, taking in the sights and smells along the way. I think a motor bike (or at the very least a mountain bike) is necessary to truly experience all Koh Yao Noi has to offer. This was my first time riding one, but with a little instruction and a lot of patience from Barbara and J, I had no problems – even with practically non-existent brakes.

With Manuel and Tanja, I followed from memory the directions of another traveler to the other side of the island for a beautiful sunset. The ride provided breath-taking views of neighboring islands, the mountains and jungle, rice paddies, and entire fishing villages built high on stilts. At the end of one village we found a quiet pier stretching far from the coast. At its end, meeting bungalow neighbors and friends, Thomas and Fritz, we sat together, just us five and one other couple, watching the sun dip below the horizon, sharing laughter, jokes, Oreos (yep), and a deep appreciation for the lives that had brought us here, to this moment.

The three-bike procession home was treacherous for me as it was dark and I’d forgotten my glasses…and had no brakes…but slowly we reached. A quick change had us again with Barbara and J for dinner. It was nearly midnight when we looked up from our table and realized the staff had been waiting only for us so they could close and go home. I suppose with a few drinks, good food, excellent company, and diverse conversation one can completely lose track of time and space.

My days on Koh Yao Noi were simply blissful. I’ll never forget the special and sometimes very personal moments I experienced, and the wonderful, funny, and kind people I befriended. I haven’t enough kind things to say about you. I hope we’ll all meet again and wish you all lots of love and peace. xo